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The e-commerce analytics platform of the future

Selling online isn’t easy, we know the struggle. Many e-commerce companies have a hard time to stay profitable and achieve sustainable growth. As we see it, the main reason is the lack of integrated data — with traffic, marketing, inventory, and customer insights often living in silos.

Our platform gathers data from multiple sources simultaneously and consolidates it into a user-friendly platform, leveraging the power of AI to provide real-time insights.

(De)mocratizing (ma)rketing

Dema was founded in early 2022 to bring powerful e-commerce solutions to the many.

Combining more than 30 years of experience in e-commerce, machine learning, and growth, our founders are on a mission to democratize access to the tools and technologies previously only available to the top 1% of e-commerce companies.

The Dema co-founders

Dema co-founders Marcus Tagesson, Henrik Hoffman and David Feldell

Developing together

We're in the process of developing our platform with a diverse and dedicated team of 20+ engineers and growth experts. Inside and out, we believe relationships are the key to our success.

At Dema, every client is an extension of our team. And every collaboration is an opportunity, empowering our clients to innovate and improve their business while also strengthening and advancing our platform.

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