Linear Attribution Model

The Linear Attribution Model in e-commerce assigns equal credit for a sale or conversion to all customer interactions on their buying journey. While it recognizes each interaction's value, it may oversimplify as not all touchpoints equally influence the final purchase decision.

In the e-commerce landscape, the Linear Attribution Model is a technique where equal credit for a sale or conversion is distributed evenly across all the touchpoints a customer interacted with on their purchase journey. For instance, if a customer clicked on a paid ad, opened an email link, and finally interacted with a social media post before making a purchase, each touchpoint would receive an equal share of the credit for that sale. This model recognizes the value of each interaction in the decision-making process, providing a balanced view of the effectiveness of various channels in the marketing mix. However, it may oversimplify the process, as not all touchpoints may contribute equally to the customer's final decision to purchase.

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