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Not being dependent on GA is being free from data silos

Dema ensures that you own your data and that it is free of sampling, delay, or other limitations. Dema lets you combine your website and traffic data with all other data.

It’s just as easy as copy-paste into your Google Tag Manager

This is an example of our order tracking script and Dema. When you become a customer, you get a real and customized version.

Time for real-time tracking without any delays

When you have a visitor on your website, we know it and show it immediately. The same goes for orders. With Dema, you can take action in real time.

Your data on EU Servers means that you don't need to think about that

When using Dema, you can stop worrying about where your tracking data is stored and if it complies with GDPR. We've got you covered.

FAQ About Dema’s tracking

What can you expect as Dema user?

Read more about how Ridestore, part of the top 1% of e-commerce companies, uses Dema and how they increased their already high profitability even more.

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We are always happy to jump on a call and explore if there is anything that Dema can help you with. If not, by using Dema, we might be able to share some insights about tracking or e-commerce in general.

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