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Myrqvist is a leading footwear brand with a strong presence in retail and e-commerce. Known for its high-quality craftsmanship and timeless designs, Myrqvist has successfully expanded its market reach globally. With a mix of direct-to-consumer and wholesale channels, the company faced challenges continuing to scale while optimizing for profitable growth.

Since we started using Dema, we can optimize our budgets for the most profitable growth in real time.

Sebastian Öhrn, Founder, Myrqvist


Budgeting Across Markets

Managing varying fulfillment and marketing costs across international markets was complex and required real-time optimization to ensure profitability.

Data Fragmentation

Reliance on multiple Excel sheets for data gathering led to outdated information and inefficient decision-making.

High Costs and Complexity

The potential need to hire analysts, a tech team, or consultants to visualize and analyze data would have added unnecessary cost and complexity to the organization.

Solution with Dema

Order-level Profitability Control

By leveraging DEMA’s data and insights, Myrqvist ensures that every order shipped is profitable, focusing on gross profit level three, i.e., contribution margin 3.

Real-Time Budgeting

Thanks to Dema's platform's insights, Myrqvist now optimizes marketing budgets in real time. This wouldn't have been possible without Myrqvist's performance marketing agency, also using Dema. This ensures alignment and more effective decision-making, driving optimal profitable growth.

Increasing efficiency

DEMA’s next-gen e-commerce analytics platform eliminated the need to pull multiple Excel sheets from different systems and compile them, reducing the time spent on data gathering and improving data accuracy and timeliness, significantly.

Reducing Costs & Complexity

Using DEMA, Myrqvist avoided the costs and complexities of hiring a tech team or consultants while continuously benefiting from new features and integrations released by DEMA.

I highly recommend DEMA to e-commerce professionals. The return on investment has been invaluable, boosting efficiency, profit margins, and ROAS.

Douglas Holm, Head of Growth, Myrqvist


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