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Being experienced e-commerce pioneers ourselves, when building Dema we knew that we needed to go deeper to make a difference. Therefore we created Dema, a predictive analytics tool delivering deep insights, to ignite the entire e-commerce industry. We believe that better decison-making leads to better business.

Also, the metrics that truly matter are unreachable for most companies. Unlocking the full scope of your data demands vast resources and a skilled workforce, typically reserved for the giants of the industry. We aim to level that playing field and help create the future icons of e-commerce. Game on.

Marcus Tagesson, Henrik Hoffman, and David Feldell founded Dema in 2022 to make great analytics available for all.

We’re in this together

We're in the process of developing our platform with a diverse and dedicated team of 20+ engineers and growth experts. Inside and out, we believe relationships are the key to our success.

At Dema, every client is an extension of our team. And every collaboration is an opportunity, empowering our clients to innovate and improve their businesses, while simultaneously strengthening and advancing our platform.

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We are always looking for people with great experience and grit. If there is not a position that fits your profile, don't hesitate to connect with us, you might be the dream colleague we didn't know we needed.


The Dema Approach

If you are curious about Dema and how we see the online retail world, our blog will help you better understand.

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A meeting is always not more than a reach-out away. We love to talk e-commerce and learn from other curious people in our industry.

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