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Increase efficiency and effectiveness in analytics

As Mini Rodini embarks on scaling internationally, maintaining control over profitability, customer lifetime value (CLV), and strategic product placement has become crucial. To achieve these goals, Mini Rodini turned to Dema.


Time to value

To secure Mini Rodini's more efficient way of working with data and insights, Dema hooked up to Centra, Mini Rodini's e-commerce platform, imported years of historical orders, added the Dema Tracking Script/Pixel to Mini Rodini's website, and got all their commercial costs. All done in 2 weeks.

Fast onboarding

With help from Dema's customer success team, Mini Rodini's highly skilled e-commerce organization was up and running with decision-making based on Dema's insights in days.

"Before, we struggled with fragmented insights from multiple tools. Now, with unified and enriched data from Dema's AI models, our strategic discussions are sharper, and our time spent on analysis is greatly reduced.”

Jonas Angelöv


Mini Rodini scales with real-time insights from Dema

Enhanced Strategic Decision-Making

Dema consolidates data from various sources, providing Mini Rodini with a unified, AI-enriched view of their business. This comprehensive picture spans marketing effectiveness, inventory turnover, and profitability, enabling informed and strategic decisions.

Increased Efficiency and Strategic Decision-Making

By centralizing data, Dema reduces the time and complexity involved in analysis. Mini Rodini's team can now focus on high-level strategic discussions, quickly aligning priorities and making decisions that drive global scaling.

Agile Experimentation and Customer Value Optimization

Dema's platform empowers Mini Rodini to rapidly test and iterate strategies, tracking progress seamlessly. This agility, combined with insights into customer behavior, helps optimize customer lifetime value and ensures effective adaptation to new markets.

The data works for us now!

"Dema was exactly what we were looking for to improve our approach to data and decision-making. Before Dema, we had multiple analytics tools and dashboards, each providing fragmented insights. With all our data unified and enriched by Dema’s AI models, we’ve improved our strategic discussions and alignment.

The time we used to spend on analysis is significantly reduced, allowing us to focus on experimentation and growth. We can confidently test new strategies and swiftly follow up on their progress, which is crucial for our global expansion efforts. Dema has empowered us to make fast, informed decisions, ensuring we stay agile and responsive in a competitive market."


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