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Bar chart showing gross sales and net gross profit 2 per market
Follow the profit and sales contribution of every product

Understanding each product's sales and profit contribution per market (and channel) gives you the necessary guidance to understand more and improve sales and profit daily.

Bar chart showing forecast of sell-through for product categories
Advanced Inventory Prediction Models let you optimize your inventory

With Dema, even performance marketers can easily know the predicted sell-through rate per product and, therefore, know the best action to eliminate wasted ad spend. The buying/product side of the company can quickly understand what products to re-order, include, or exclude from discounts.

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Line chart showing historical inventory and sizes in stock the last 7 days
Current and Historical Inventory gives you complete control and increases analysis capabilities

Dema enables you to dig deeper into the product performance over time with updated daily inventory per SKU. For example, was a broken size curve the reason for the current drop in sales? The answer is a click away in dema.

Scatterplot showing sell-through rate to marketing spend for some products
Does each product get the correct marketing exposure?

As a product or marketing person, you typically don’t have complete insight into how much marketing and exposure is given to each product. Therefore, you often don’t know the “true performance” of a product. With Dema, you understand more and can save significant marketing spending by steering it from the wrong to the right products.

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