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Join the elite 1%: the next-gen profit analytics platform turns e-commerce data into decisive actions with instant marketing, inventory, and customer predictions.

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We uncover the hidden truthS of your data

  • Real-Time Commercial Data Analysis of your operations to enable faster and more precise decisions.
  • AI and machine learning algorithms forecast your future revenue, profit, customer lifetime value, inventory, and optimal marketing spending.
  • User-Friendly Plug-and-Play saves you time every day and decreases time to value.
"Our collaboration has been nothing short of a revolution. Dema’s solution is now the beating heart of our operation, and we‘ll keep evolving and growing together."


dema in a nutshell

Plug and play

Our platform is a user-friendly no-code tool, allowing you to set it up lightning-fast. No tech skills required — connecting to e-commerce platforms is a breeze.

Real-Time Data

We process live commercial data for detailed profit insights on products, marketing, and customers, empowering businesses to make smarter decisions in real-time.

Predictive Analytics

Dema uses AI and machine learning to forecast revenue, profit, customer value, inventory, and marketing spend. Plan your future with precision.

Seamless integration

Elevate your e-commerce game with Dema's seamless app integration. Effortlessly connect with external tools from other marketing and e-commerce platforms to streamline operations and boost growth.


Google Ads

TikTok for Business

Meta Ads

We will continously be adding more connectors as we go along.

E-commerce Platforms




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We continuously build more connectors

Their cutting-edge AI models will analyze your data and provide you with actionable insights in record time

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Meet the founders: Marcus Tagesson, David Feldell and Henrik Hoffman


Being experienced e-commerce pioneers ourselves, we knew that we needed to go deeper to make a difference. Therefore we created Dema, an AI-driven analytics tool delivering deep insights and game-changing predictions.

The metrics that truly matter are unreachable for most companies. Unlocking the full scope of your data demands vast resources and a skilled workforce, resources typically reserved for the giants of the industry. Here's where we make a difference.

We’re on a mission to empower better decision-making for the many. We created Dema to make awesome analytics available for all.

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blog articles

Expand your knowledge about e-commerce, data-driven analytics, and how to achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

Why e-commerce needs Marketing Mix Modeling

Marcus Tagesson - 2024-01-30

Mastering the art of marketing budget allocation is more crucial than ever. As someone who scaled a multi-brand e-commerce venture in the 2010s, Dema Co-Founder Marcus has experienced firsthand the provoking task of managing a substantial marketing budget across diverse markets and thousands of products.

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What is e-commerce profitability?

Henrik Hoffman - 2023-08-01

This is an introduction to E-commerce Profitability: what it is—and what it's not—how to optimize for profitability—and why it is extra important in 2024.

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