The E-commerce Analytics Platform for Profitable Growth

All your commercial data in real-time
Granular profit data on products, marketing, and customers
Predicting sales, inventory, profits, and Lifetime Value

See into the future

Leveraging all your data, our advanced AI and ML algorithms offer precise forecasts of your future revenue, profit, Customer Lifetime Value, inventory levels, and more. Gain the insights of a full-scale AI/ML team, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that shape a successful future.

Learn from the past

Increase your capabilities of connecting sales and profit metrics per market with the drivers behind them: products, marketing campaigns, website, customers, and more. Dema connects the dots for you, letting your whole team dig as deep as they want.

Control the present

To thrive in the modern e-commerce landscape, you can't wait for your sales, profit, and prediction data. With Dema, waiting time is transformed into action time, saving you valuable resources and keeping you ahead of the curve in this continuously evolving landscape.

No more vanity metrics

If your company is like most e-commerce companies, you're probably focusing on high-level KPIs such as traffic and sales. But these vanity metrics only scratch the surface and can lead to misguided decisions. You need to delve deeper.

Join the top 1% e-commerce companies allows you to gain a deeper understanding. We track and structure all session and traffic data, then clean and enrich it to provide trustworthy insights that empower you to make confident decisions. Our solution delivers valuable insights to optimize your business for sustainable and profitable growth.  

Don't settle for superficial metrics. With, you will uncover the insights you need to become a champion.

Unleash the power of AI

Our cutting-edge AI models will analyze your data and provide you with actionable insights in record time

Learn more will save us several years in development and a ton of money with their plug-and-play solution.”

Daniel Ohlsson, COO,

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Frequently asked questions

Can anyone sign up?

Yes, anyone can sign up for an account to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions based on data.

Why choose

We have been in your shoes and are e-commerce operators ourselves. offers unsampled reports and tracks all your data on-site for higher quality and accuracy that gives a deeper view of your profitability. Our AI-powered co-pilot provides personalized analytics assistance.

How do you import my data? offers seamless onboarding with direct integrations and a customer success team to help with technical setup and data collection.

How do you utilize AI in your product?

We empower you to stay ahead of the curve with AI-driven, forward-looking insights that go beyond historical data. Additionally, our AI-powered co-pilot is your personal analyst assistant, ready to answer your analytics questions and guide you toward smarter decision-making.

How long does the setup take?

Onboarding typically takes a week or two but can take as little as a day with total commitment from both sides.

Can I export the data?

Absolutely! provides easy exporting and sharing options to empower you with your data.

Are there any training resources available to get started with

Yes! We ensure that your whole team knows how to gain insights from Dema daily. That goes for management, marketing, visual merchandising, and buying/product department.

How does handle feature requests or feedback?

We are eager to continuously gather our users’ feedback and use it as important input when prioritizing upcoming features.