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What’s included

100 % of your orders

Full control of your commercial performance with 100% of your orders

50+ actionable reports

Use built in, best practice, ecommerce reports to get answers to the most important insights you need to drive profitable growth

Advanced analytics

When you need in-depth analysis you have all data and functions you need to dig deeper

Profitability metrics

Profitability metrics as granular as Net Gross Profit 3 to enable everyone at your company to get an unbeatable control of how they can drive true profit

AI-powered analyses

Dema Co-Pilot to 10x all your team-mates analysis capabilities

LTV predictions

Understand your customers better and optimize your customer acquisition and retention with actual and predicted Customer Lifetime Value, and more (1st party data stored on EU servers)

Data-driven attribution

Be sure that you are making as data driven decisions as possible by using Dema's Data Driven Attribution Model and compare with other built in attribtuion models such as; Last click, Linear and First click for world class marketing analytics

Product analytics and predictions

Make sure you sell the right products, at the right time, and in the right place. The combination of actual profitability, customer LTV contribution per product, and Dema's Sales and Inventory Level Prediction models make that happen.

Website analytics

Get an understanding of your websites performance, with servers in EU and having the website tracking connected to your profitability

Fast setup

Our team makes sure that you are up and running in 1 week

Customer support

Customer support and success team are always there to help you to get more out of your data

Optimize for profit

If your team needs training on how to start to optimize for profit - we offer training for free

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Frequently asked questions

Can anyone sign up?

Yes, anyone can sign up for a BETA account to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions based on data.

Why choose

We have been in your shoes and are e-commerce operators ourselves. offers unsampled reports and tracks all your data on-site for higher quality and accuracy that gives a deeper view of your profitability. Our AI-powered co-pilot provides personalized analytics assistance.

How do you import my data? offers seamless onboarding with direct integrations and a customer success team to help with technical setup and data collection.

How do you utilize AI in your product?

We empower you to stay ahead of the curve with AI-driven, forward-looking insights that go beyond historical data. Additionally, our AI-powered co-pilot is your personal analyst assistant, ready to answer your analytics questions and guide you toward smarter decision-making.

How long does the setup take?

Onboarding typically takes a week or two but can take as little as a day with total commitment from both sides.

Can I export the data?

Absolutely! provides easy exporting and sharing options to empower you with your data.