AI-powered analytics
for realtime insights

Uncover valuable insights about your business faster than ever with our AI-powered Dema Copilot

Unify all your data sources in one place

Imagine one click to get to a real time analysis with insights based on all your marketing, cost and product data.

  • Track all session data in real time
  • Clean, enrich and present all your data
  • 50+ ready to use actionable reports

Optimize campaigns across different markets

Imagine being able to get insights in real time of all your markets' performance, no more guessing on where you make your profits.

  • Understand which markets drives profits
  • Optimize marketing in a granular way
  • Find new opportunities based on your data

Optimize your product performance

Which products are diluting your profits? Which products are underserved and have high potential of increasing your profits?

  • Find slow movers before it’s too late
  • Increase your most profitable assortment
  • Stop wasted ad spend on low performing products

Attribution models that are easy to use

Compare attribution models and get insights about the efficiency of your different marketing channels.

  • No more black box
  • Take action on different levels of attribution
  • Compare and get deeper insights

Prediction models at your service

Get real-time forecasts of future sales on product level. Compare it to your current inventory and make decisions about what to push and not.

  • Predict the true demand of your products
  • Help buying to buy right amount in right time
  • Get in control of your cash-flow

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