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Bar chart showing forecast of sell-through for product categories
Transform your inventory data into actionable insights

Precise pro-activity is needed to stay ahead. That's where Dema's AI-driven inventory management shines. Leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning, our platform analyzes trends, sales, and profit data to offer actionable insights. Our predictive model adapts daily, whether seasonal fluctuations, changing consumer preferences, or unexpected events, ensuring your inventory decisions are always one step ahead.

Scatterplot showing sell-through rate to marketing spend for some products
Align product exposure based on the predicted sell-through

By aligning the marketing department’s efforts with the predicted sell-through, you make sure to sell the right products in the right market at the right time. Minimizing the risk for the cost of lost sales when best sellers are out of stock and the profit-killing attempts of selling slow movers late in the season.

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Bar chart showing current and incoming inventory levels for product categories
Incoming deliveries and returns are taken into account

Dema considers incoming deliveries and returns to give you the best possible prediction of your inventory levels. This allows the whole company to act on the data simultaneously without tedious sync meetings.

FAQ about Dema’s Inventory Prediction