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Line chart showing the relationship between marketing spend and epROAS

Keep control over the Profit Contribution

Gone are the days when you were forced to optimize for ROAS and limited by the data silos. You can finally optimize for profitable and sustainable growth with unlimited access to your commercial data.

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Scatterplot showing sell-through rate to marketing spend for some products

Marketing Done With The Product Perspective

When you arm a marketer with almost unlimited product data connected with ad performance, you should expect a significant improvement in marketing efficiency and inventory management. Knowing everything about the products’ performance makes many decisions faster and more accurate.

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Dema report showing customer metrics per market

Everyone Needs To Understand The Customer Perspective

When optimizing for more profitable and sustainable growth, you must know if your marketing only buys back existing customers or generates new ones. Dema lets you build a sustainable growth trajectory by always keeping you informed of what customers you acquire, their predicted profit LTV, and if they are new or returning, down on markets, channels, ads, and products throughout the season.

FAQ about Markering Analytics