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Dashboard showing the overall performance of an e-commerce site
Real-time control of your business

One-click away, you can see your sales and profit in real-time and quickly understand if anything needs your immediate attention: the marketing efficiency, margins, vouchers, and product performance.

Graph showing the actual and predicted profit for today
Predictions so you know what to expect

Get more data-driven in your day-to-day decisions with Sales, Profit, and Inventory predictions in your dashboards that tell you what the results will most likely be if you don’t take particular actions.

Dashboard widget showing overall marketing performance for the last 7 days
Complete control of your marketing performance

All data in one place. Ideal overview for maximized efficiency and clarity of the actual performance of your marketing.

Dashboard widget showing marketing performance per market for the last 7 days
Easy to dig deeper

When you want to know more, Dema helps you dig deeper. Then, you can easily let your colleagues continue the analysis by sharing the URL where you are right now or saving a report for them.

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