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Bar chart comparing ROAS and epROAS for different campaigns

Optimize on the complete picture and not vanity metrics

Dema lets you measure your full marketing effectiveness so you're not misled by shallow metrics such as CPA and ROAS. You always know your ads’ and other traffic’s actual operational profit (after returns, purchase cost, logistics, and marketing spend). This guarantees that your performance marketing always aligns with the company’s best interest.

Bar chart comparing ROAS and epROAS for different campaigns

Targeted Promotions Based on Stock Levels

Our predictive models let you make better and faster decisions, ultimately enabling you to go from reactive to proactive. Promoting overstocked items is standard, so it is also doubling down on the best sellers that will run out of stock anyway. What if you knew which items to pull back marketing spend on early enough and to exclude them from discounts? Dema makes it much easier to align your ad spend with inventory needs.

Bar chart comparing ROAS and epROAS for different campaigns

Allocate the marketing budget based on data

Move spend between markets and promote the right products at the right time to increase your marketing efficiency significantly. When using Dema, you can understand the different needs of different countries regarding creatives and landing pages. This information lets you make smart and thoughtful decisions about budget allocation between countries, channels, and campaigns faster than anyone else.

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Bar chart comparing ROAS and epROAS for different campaigns

Maximize customer lifetime value

Use our Lifetime Value Prediction Model to prioritize marketing spend on segments with higher long-term value. A customer with high return behavior who only buys on discount is not good for your business. Dema automatically analyzes your previous orders and gives you a predicted Customer Lifetime Value on each purchase, which translates to what each market, channel, campaign, and product contributes.

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