Optimize your Ecommerce Inventory with Dema.ai

Boost sales and reduce costs through strategic inventory management. With Dema, everyone in marketing and sales can be 100% aligned on the needs of your inventory, knowing what to market, discount, or improve content for.

Sell existing stock efficiently

Our sophisticated AI identifies slow-moving items, allowing you to prioritize these products in promotions. Simultaneously, it helps avoid over-promotion of fast-selling products, saving you marketing expenses and preventing stockouts.

Understand historical performance changes

With Dema.ai, you can diagnose the historical performance of your inventory by looking at historical inventory levels compared to sales and conversion rates. Perhaps the answer lies in broken size curves? Then you'll see that in Dema. With that, you gain more insights into the optimal size distribution for future purchase orders and how to treat broken size curves in the future in paid marketing, visual merchandising, and pricing.

Optimize seasonal stock

Dema.ai utilizes your historical data to predict the demand on each product. Understanding the probable demand curve well ahead of time allows you to allocate your resources effectively and ensure that every dollar spent brings the desired return. Our system is equipped to adapt to changing trends and unexpected market shifts, ensuring your inventory stays optimized no matter how the season unfolds. With Dema.ai, you are managing your seasonal stock and strategically leveraging it for maximum profitability.

Geographic inventory insights

Are you operating in multiple regions? Dema.ai identifies region-specific product popularity, aiding in efficient marketing efforts between regions and stock distribution across various warehouses. Selling the right products, in the right market, at the right time is what makes the biggest difference to your marketing efficiency.

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